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Less is More

Less is More.

We human beings have the tendency to always want to have more, and you see this often in the Yoga practice.

This is the same when it comes to Asanas, when we start practicing yoga we discover few new poses that make an impact the way we move our body, but after some yoga classes we want to do more and more poses.

The ego plays a big role in this, you see others doing new asanas (poses) and you also want to try, even though the body and the mind are not ready for this new postures.

In that way, you can injure yourself if you go too fast in the practice, or you can become too tired and disappointed with your self, so being patient is one of the most important lessons in yoga.

What is important when you practice yoga is that you realize that you can deepen your practice by repeating the same asanas everyday and experiencing the different feelings and sensations in your mind and in your body. By becoming aware of your breath while being in the posture and observing the smallest changes that happen to you, since not one day is the same as the other.

So concentrate on what you have learned, and try to go deeper, with the help of your breath, do your own practice, get the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher, and always remember that when it comes to asanas, less can be more.
In Yoga Retreats Malaga, We will guide you through a different sequences of yoga poses according of your level incorporating mindful movements and breathing awareness to bring balance to your entire being.

Yoga is not only a physical exercise but also a mental practice, and how you approach your life outside the mat is what matters at the end.
Be patient with your Yoga practice, it is there to help you becoming stronger physically and mentally. Take your time and do not push yourself too much, practice, practice, practice and all is coming.

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